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Logitech C505 HD Driver, Software Manual User, and Review

Logitech C505 Driver & Software for Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7, Mac OS, Mac OS X, Manual Setup, Install, and Review.

The correct camera may make a significant impact when you’re working as an online influencer, presenting at a virtual conference, or meeting with coworkers remotely.

Logitech’s cameras are some of the best on the market, but with 12 different models ranging in price from $40 to $200, knowing which one is right for you and your home office is critical. We’ll go through the characteristics of each Logitech webcam and tell you which one has the greatest resolution and privacy shutters so you can make an informed decision.

The Logitech C505e is an affordable webcam option. A 720p widescreen video and long-range microphone are included, however many other Logitech cameras on the list offer additional functionality that this one does not. The 505e, for example, has an auto light focus feature but no autofocus capability. In addition, there’s only room for a single omnidirectional noise-cancelling microphone. You can’t zoom in or use a privacy shutter.

It also lacks pan and tilt capabilities, as well as the ability to alter the camera’s field of view (which is fixed at 60 degrees). The extra-long cable and universal clip, on the other hand, provide you additional mounting choices for the webcam. Alternatively, Logitech offers the C505 HD Webcam for half the price of the C505e..

Logitech C505 Review & Manual User

Logitech C505 HD Software, Drivers, Manual Setup, and Review – Laptops without a webcam are unusual, but when they do come with one, it’s usually not the greatest. As screens get narrower, the space for a good sensor and good optics gets smaller as well. While camera manufacturers prefer to use words like “HD,” most of them still have a resolution of 1280×720 pixels, or 0.9 megapixels, in their product descriptions and advertisements.

It’s not only about the amount of pixels anymore – light sensitivity and sharpness are far more essential, as well as having your own CPU optimize the registered image and transmit it to your preferred collaboration program. Backlight from poorly placed windows occasionally affects most of us because not everyone has the luxury of spending the day behind their laptop in a brilliantly lit study. When dealing with this, having a wide dynamic range comes in handy once more.

Last year, shipping issues plagued Logitech as well as other webcam makers. Because of this, it believes it can now release even more models, including the C505.

Logitech C505 Features

The Logitech C505 comes with an extra-long cable. The included USB cable is 7 feet long, allowing you to place the camera in a higher position, such as on top of a monitor or rack. This way, you can point the camera at a more excellent angle than using your laptop’s built-in camera. With 720p video resolution, this specification is lower than the 1080p resolution in many other webcams.


The advantage of 720p is that when your internet connection falters from work and school from home, 720p will use less bandwidth than 1080p. On the Logitech C505, the built-in microphone works well, even remotely. However, to avoid echo problems, it’s still better to channel your computer audio through the earbuds, as using your laptop’s built-in speakers for calls can cause sound to be picked up by the camera’s microphone and create an echo.

The wide compatibility makes this webcam worth trying. The Logitech C505 HD Webcam works with Windows, Mac, and even Chromebooks (which is good because many Chromebooks have poor-quality cameras). The camera is automatically detected and does not require manual driver installation.

logitech-c505-reviewImage quality is excellent on the Logitech C505, but for the best quality, make sure you have a bright light in front of your face and a relatively dark background behind you. The camera seems to perform well in low-light conditions, although the images are a bit grainy.


If you’re tired of your ordinary laptop camera, the Logitech C505 is a no-frills webcam with a 7-foot cable that lets you position it at a more excellent angle. With a maximum resolution of 720p, it’s excellent to make video calls via Zoom and other popular apps. The microphone works well even when the camera is a few meters away.




  • Height: 31.91 mm (1.26 in)
  • Width: 72.91 mm (2.87 in)
  • Depth: 66.64 mm  (2.62 in)
  • Cable length: 2 m (7 ft)
  • Weight: 75 g (2.65 oz)


  • Max Resolution: 720p/30fps
  • Focus type: Fixed
  • Lens type: plastic
  • Built-in mic: mono
  • Mic range: Up to 9 ft
  • The diagonal field of view (dFoV): 60°
  • Universal mounting clip fits laptops, LCD or monitors


  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Mac OS 10.10 or later
  • USB – A port
  • Chrome OS

Logitech C505 Manual Setup Download

Setup Guide (PDF)

Download Here

Logitech C505 Software Download

For Windows

Camera Settings:
  • Software Version: Windows: Version: 2.12.8, Mac: Version: 3.0.23
  • Last Update: 2020-10-26
  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • File Size: 76.5 MB

Download Here

For Mac

Camera Settings:
  • Software Version: Windows: Version: 2.12.8, Mac: Version: 3.0.23
  • Last Update: 2020-10-26
  • OS: Mac OS 11.0, Mac OS 10.15, Mac OS 10.14, Mac OS 10.13
  • File Size: 36.4 MB

Download Here

4K webcam for more than 200 euros, the Logitech Brio, beat out the C505 in our comparison tests as the clear winner in the webcam category. The comparison is not one-to-one because you get four C505 for the same price. As a result, the Brio is a valuable resource.

We also utilized a Sandberg 1080p Windows Hello camera and a variety of laptop webcams to demonstrate the C505’s video quality.

With respect to quality, we can say that the Sandberg webcam is significantly better than the typical laptop camera; it is similar to the better laptop webcams, but it does not touch the Brio’s level. Despite its 720p resolution, the C505 manages to perform better than the 1080p Sandberg in terms of crispness. It stands out for its brightness and contrast, and it produces a pleasing image in well- to moderately-lit environments. When the light level drops, it’s still usable, but the dark areas of the image lose some detail. Color registration is where it falls short: the rendition is pallid and undersaturated.

The C505 performs best when a light source is placed directly on the subject’s face, such as with a ‘ring light,’ which is readily available. That’s only when you compare it to using a laptop, which is also in your face.

Even though our home office is too small to utilize all three meters of the C505, we were heard loud and clear on the recorded audio. Unfortunately, that also extended to every other sound in a wide area, including our own typing, so we were all in trouble. In order to achieve the best results, it is nevertheless recommended that you use a headset to block out ambient noise. Additionally, there is no chance of feedback from speakers positioned in front of the microphone, and housemates will be less bothered as a result.

The Logitech C505 is a great value for the money, but if you’re looking for a truly fantastic option for a (semi) permanent home office, we recommend looking into the Brio 4K instead. This model has the added benefit of functioning as a Windows Hello webcam, providing biometric security and convenience of use for remote workers.

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